The Best of Seattle 2013

The city’s shining stars

best of seattle!

We live to suss out the best in shopping, boozing, nibbling, and pampering, not to mention general awesomeness for our readers. This year was no exception, from new online cooking lessons to aquatic relaxation.

Before we dive into 2014, let’s review the gems.

Best reason to check the mailbox: Blockful

Goodbye, two-buck chuck: Phenol55

Stress begone: Urban Float

Masters of our domain: ChefSteps

Light your artistic fire: The Aviary

Shopping for a good cause: Grain

What all the cool girls are wearing: Wyatt Orr

A collection of inspired scents: Olivine Atelier

best of seattle!

Photos: Courtesy of Blockful; Courtesy of Olivine Atelier