Saving Face

Some relics — Nana’s engagement earrings, kindergarten valentines, Moët graduation cork — are worth keeping. Some — movie stubs, swim team trophies, dead flowers — are not.

Crusty eyeliner? A no-brainer.

So why does your makeup drawer look like an archaeological dig? Because you’re still sifting through piles of Bonne Belle lipgloss and Love’s Baby Soft compacts. Time for an in-home visit from Erin Orden, master of makeup excavation.

An eighteen-year industry vet, Orden (who opened the cosmetic counters at Frenchy’s, Olivine, and Burnt Sugar) prunes your product stash, then creates a new routine using what’s left.

Her credo: Less is more. (Drugstore impulse buys, begone!) But if you do need a few things, she’ll happily recommend items and steer you toward colors at the shop of your choice (meaning no pesky product push).

Looks like you’ve got yourself a keeper.

Cosmetically speaking, if nothing else.

Erin Orden (206-860-8840 or erin@ordenbeauty.com).