Maid to Order

You’re all about purging the toxic.

Your spam guard’s impenetrable. You’ve stopped TiVo-ing Trading Spouses. You’re (considering) switching to decaf. You never spread office gossip (okay, almost never). And No-Good 2 a.m. Texter got kicked to the curb.

So what’s with those nasty chemicals living under your sink?

Time to call Maven Maids, an earth-friendly housecleaning service that eschews fume-emitting commercial offenders and instead uses its own crud-killers made with natural ingredients like tea tree oil, vinegar, and peppermint soap.

Sign up for weekly, monthly, or one-off visits, and the merry maids will chase away everything from dust bunnies to that suspicious blue mass in the fridge. No job is too big and, yes, they do laundry.

So you can sit back, relax, and breathe in the clean, pure air. 

Now turn that damn cell phone off.

Maven Maids (206-218-6391 or mavenmaids@gmail.com).