Snow Job

You’ve always assumed fairy princesses had it made. Keys to the kingdom, ladies-in-waiting, shoe-conjuring sidekicks. Not to mention all those rescue-from-the-brink kisses.

Except poor Snow White, who got stuck cleaning up after those pint-size slobs.

She finally gets her shot at redemption at local jeweler Kimberly Baker’s first shop in Fremont, which is a hip take on the Disney tale. With enchanted forest wallpaper, paint-stripped pink floors, and an Evil Queen-worthy mirror, the itty storefront is deliciously naughty, deliciously nice.

But the real draw is Baker’s fun, chunky jewelry, which is displayed under bell jars — like so much forbidden fruit. Feeling demure? Scoop up a silver unicorn pendant. Ready to rock? Head for the gold wolf ring. It’s the place to get first dibs on Baker’s spring collection (before it hits local boutiques or Fred Segal).

So it won’t matter what the other princesses have.

You’ll be the fairest of all.

Kimberly Baker, 617 North 36th Street, Fremont (206-545-1145 or kimberlybaker.com).

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617 N 36th St
@ Fremont Pl N
Seattle, WA 98103