Reindeer Games

Prancer: Here we go again.
Blitzen: Every year, the same drill: diet all winter, polish our antlers …

Prancer: And then watch that diva Rudolph hog the spotlight.
Blitzen: Might as well hit the eggnog now.

Prancer: Not this year. Time to show that Claus dude there’s more than one vixen in the pen.
Blitzen: Ooh. What are you gonna do?

Prancer: Trot down to La Rousse and pick up a piece or two from Christopher Deane’s holiday collection.
Blitzen: Why? Do they have stick-on red noses?

Prancer: Better. Playful patterns and party-perfect details. Like a sweet, flirty dress with a bare, Santa-stopping back. And a drapey silk top with pretty elastic bands to hide your bra straps.
Blitzen: Sounds sexy but classy.

Prancer: Yeah. More than we can say for a certain other reindeer.

Available at La Rousse, 430 Virginia Street, between Fourth and Fifth Avenues (206-448-1515 or la-rousse.com). To see other styles, go to christopherdeane.com.