Bag Lady

You used to love a good project. But that sorry vintage chest is never getting revarnished, and your on-again-off-again is still fighting mother issues.

Life’s too short for fixer-uppers.

Except, of course, when it comes to handbags. One broken strap, and you’re Florence Nightingale.

Especially when your secret weapon is Jeung Koh at Omni Design. With more than a decade of experience, the SoDo-based repairer can nurse the most battered bags back to health.

Bag looking shabby? Zipper not zipping? No problem. Rollybag wheels wobbling? Oh, she does luggage, too.

Finding the tiny shop isn’t easy. (Pass McDonald’s and Nate’s Paintball Supply. Verify address. Spot small lettering in tucked-away storefront.) But it’s worth the trek. Not only is Koh a wiz, but since the shoe gurus at Ramuta’s stopped doing handbags, she’s literally the only fish in the sea.

And what a catch she is.

Omni Design, 6169 Fourth Avenue South, at Michigan Street (206-448-2030).