My Fair Lady

Bordeaux tastes, PBR budget. Caviar dreams, bologna lunches.

It’s the same old song. And you’re mighty sick of singing along.

You’ll be humming a much happier tune at Frock Shop, a new Phinney Ridge boutique. You may not recognize labels like Salt & Pepper, Kimmi, and Loco Lindo, but you’ll love the cuts and undeniably (you might say ridiculously) fair price tags.

How does the bright, airy shop keep it all below $250? By stocking obscure indie designers from Seattle and L.A., London, and Toronto. In fact, most of what we loved (quirky patterned tees, sparkly vintage-inspired earrings, sweet puff-sleeve velvet jackets) fell between $35 and $100.

Given skyrocketing prices at most other places, we’d say it’s an admirable venture.

And much more worthy of you than mystery meat served on a wing and a prayer.

Frock Shop, 6500 Phinney Avenue North (206-297-1638 or shopfrockshop.com).

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6500 Phinney Ave N
@ N 65th St
Seattle, WA 98103