Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner

You envisioned a fairy-tale evening for your dinner party. But as soon as guests started R.S.V.P.’ing, you felt like the Big Bad Wolf.

This little piggy eats organic. This little piggy eats local. And if this little piggy even suspects refined sugar, she’ll waa waa waa all the way home.

Don’t huff and puff. Head to new Queen Anne shop Eat Local for excellent, prepackaged meals guaranteed to please the most principled of eaters.

The simple, friendly spot uses only organic ingredients sourced from independent farms within a few hundred miles of Seattle. Dishes like fennel-crusted pork tenderloin, butternut squash curry, and agave-sweetened sugarless chocolate cake are all made in small batches, then frozen in packaging decorated with graceful artwork by Nikki McClure.

So when your friends start toasting not only your good taste but also your social conscience, you’ll happily raise your glass.

And say, “Chinny chin chin.”

Eat Local, 2400 Queen Anne Avenue North (206-328-3663 or eatlocalonline.com).

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2400 Queen Anne Ave N
@ W McGraw St
Seattle, WA 98109