I Want You, Babe

It used to be that your needs (warmth, comfort, sustenance) and desires (binky, fresh nappy, mom’s ta-tas) were in perfect harmony.

These days, things are infinitely more complicated. (Do you need twenty new dresses or do you just really, really want them?)

Let Ogle straighten things out with its casual new spring collection, wherein covetable cotton pieces are divided into the two most basic categories: Need and Want.

The former appeals to your practical side with perfectly tailored tees and tanks; the latter goes for the gut with standouts like trapeze tops, striped cowls, and drapey dresses. All are made of liquidy soft Supima or modal cotton and have subtle extras like double seams and secret pleats.

Whether it’s a wear-it-forever basic or a go-to for summer, you’re bound to find your heart’s desire.

Which just might be what you need.

Available at Promesse, 128 Central Way, Kirkland (425-828-4259); Horseshoe, 720 North 35th Street, at Fremont Avenue North (206-547-9639).

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