Domestic Bliss

There are those who believe happiness lies in finding beauty in the detritus of modern life.

Unfortunately, the same people think plastic bags are found art.

There’s a more refined way to appreciate the everyday. Like quirky, artist-made tea towels from the Third Drawer Down collection.

Spearheaded by Victoria, Australia, gallery owner Abigail Crompton, the project enlists up-and-coming international artists (Bavaria’s Lilli Hartman, Portland’s Carson Ellis) to spruce up plain old domestic objects.

Each heavy-duty linen piece is a limited edition and comes in a cool collector’s package complete with artist bio. Sling a pair of wrestlers over your oven handle or frame a witty clothesline scene over your bed (the project’s site includes instructions for stretching the towels).

You’ll be the proud owner of art that’s accessible, functional, and affordable.

Which is a thing of beauty in itself.

Available at OkOk Gallery, 5107 Ballard Avenue Northwest (206-789-6242 or weareokok.com). To see styles, go to thirddrawerdown.com.