Dream Girl

Once upon a time, you had big plans for your twenties (killer job, dream house, marriage to Luke Perry).

Unfortunately, the reality didn’t turn out quite as sweet (cubicle city, closet-size studio, surfing through Mr. Walsh look-alikes on eHarmony).

Unless you’re 25-year-old Ashleigh Verrier. The Seattle native graduated from NYC’s Parsons School of Design as designer of the year in 2004. Saks was so impressed that they snapped her ladylike thesis collection right up.

Green with envy? Share in the spotlight with Verrier’s just-released parade of garden-party dresses, ruffled blouses, and delicately ruched capris. If nothing else, the luxurious fabrics (satin, chiffon) and rich embellishments (beading, embroidery) will bring you one step closer to your fantasy wardrobe.

A worthy ambition, if ever you had one.

Available at Tulip, 1201 First Avenue, at Seneca Street (206-223-1790); Via C, Nordstrom, 500 Pine Street (206-628-2111). To see styles, go to verrier-fashion.com.

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