Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Today you’re a Brat Packer, tomorrow a Factory Girl. You swing between eras like a monkey on crack, and you’re a grand master of fashion resurrection.

Your secret? Knowing which relics are better left buried. Like the banana clip. Definitely the banana clip.

That’s what we thought. Until we learned better from Red salon. Next time you’re pony-ed out, try their adorable retro updo.

5 minutes

Long-ish hair (curly, straight, dirty, or clean)
Banana clip
10 bobby pins

1. Flip head upside down.
2. Slip banana clip all the way up to your crown, clipping all hair together.
3. Separate hair into ten sections and secure around clip with bobby pins.

People may laugh when they find out what holds it all together. But knowing you, you’ll just proudly strut your stuff.

Because nobody puts Baby in a corner.

For professional help, call Red, 1925 Third Avenue (206-256-6214 or redseattle.net).

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