I Saw U

When: Tuesday evening
Where: Alibi Room
You: Sexy piece of work
Me: Plain unadorned lobe

Kicking Myself
Spotted you across the room. Couldn’t stop staring. You were in brilliant gold, dancing flirtatiously, outshining everything around you.

You were unassuming like a local (heard you were born on the east side) with a hint of the exotic (like a Bollywood star). Would have said hello if shyness hadn’t taken over (or if you’d stayed long enough for liquid courage to kick in).

You clearly had a taste for luxury, sparing no expense on gem-grade stones like citrine, garnet, and blue topaz. Wanted to ask your price. (Would you have been offended?)

Hate that we never spoke or exchanged digits. Let’s remedy the situation. Coffee sometime?

You never know; we just might be the perfect pair.

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