French Twist

You like to think you possess natural savoir faire. You tie your scarf like a Parisian (but look more like Nana than Jeanne Moreau). And with the volume cranked on Edith Piaf, nobody can tell you’re actually fudging the lyrics to La Vie en Rose.

Truth is, you’ve still got a few things to learn.

Perfect your panache with gorgeous French serving trays from Ibride. The pressed laminate pieces are both nostalgic and strikingly modern.

Pretty enough to hang on a wall but sturdy enough to hold your latest stab at coq au vin, each is a study in contrast: vintagey, naturalistic animal imagery met with punchy mod colors; intricate latticework with bold, graphic silhouettes.

All of which translates to a certain je ne sais quoi.

Which sounds much nicer than “I don’t have a clue.”

Available for preorder at Velocity Art and Design, 2118 Second Avenue, at Lenora Street (206-781-9494). To see styles, go to ibride.fr.

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