What Up, Dog?

Tick tock. Tick tock. That’s the sound of someone’s biological clock. Good thing it’s not yours (one baby at home is enough). Not content to let sleeping dogs lie, we present DailyCandy Seattle’s very first dog guide.

Baby It’s Cold Outside
At least for a little while longer. Keep Muffy warm in adorable coats, hoodies, and nylon vests from Kwigy-Bo or outfit big dogs in Idawg finery (both available at Railey’s Leash & Treat, 513 North 36th Street, Fremont; 206-632-5200).

bone-a-fide fun!Adventures in Babysitting
Even supermoms need help. Send the kids to play at Bone-a-Fide Dog Ranch (206-501-9247), a daycare-slash-sprawling farm with easy pickup and drop-off. Or enlist Seattle Dog Taxi (206-853-5944) to shuttle Fido around town.

Baby Got Back
And it doesn’t smell good. Battle noxious gas with Happytails Spa’s Dog Smog Remedy, an herbal concoction that alleviates flatulence; and all-natural, raw, and organic food from new Scraps Dog Bakery (900 Lenora Street, in the 2200 Westlake complex; 206-332-9663).

pose for the camera!Baby’s All Grows Up
And ready for her first photo shoot. Capture Sassy’s beauty with photojournalistic shots by B Sparks (206-723-8655), traditional portraits by Emily Rieman (206-935-5624), or funky digital renderings by Decopaw Design (206-335-8096).

Million Dollar Baby
The hottest hounds shop at hip South Lake Union pet store Urban Beast (217 Yale Avenue North; 206-324-4400) for design-conscious finds like Pumpkin & Lulu carriers and Karim Rashid bowls. Kick Princess’s beauty routine up a notch with Va-Va-Va Groom (206-963-9499) mobile pet primping.

And when your friends get catty about how you treat your surrogate child, tell them to can it.

Because every dog deserves his day.

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