Having a Ball

You were all about the office softball team. Until, that is, it started giving you flashbacks to gym class, when that pop fly knocked you out.

Eh. Leave hardcore city leagues to the agro ex-jocks in sales. Because there’s another option: Underdog Sports Leagues, where even lifelong benchwarmers will feel right at home.

Sign up as an individual or team for traditional sports (flag football, volleyball), leisure leagues (bowling, mini golf), or phys ed faves (kickball, dodgeball). Not (strictly) for losers, the Belltown-based organization assigns divisions according to skill level and desired intensity — but freaky fanatics and ultra-competitive types simply need not apply.

Seasons last just six to eight weeks (really, who can commit to more?), and all games end with drink specials and free snacks at local bars.

So for once in your life, you might actually score.

Underdog Sports Leagues (206-320-8326 or underdogseattle.com). Summer registration now open.