Eye of the Tiggrio

Sure, you had plenty of Eeyore moments during the rainy season (take the entire gloomy, doomy month of February, for example).

But now that spring has officially sprung, you’re as winsome as Pooh. Which makes you want to celebrate by being a total Piglet.

So what’s a character like you to do when the occasion calls for something sweeter than a hunny pot? Why, try some handcrafted, organic chocolates from Tiggrio, of course.

Join its subscription club and the Seattle-based company will send you 21 velvety smooth truffles (in flavors like bananas Foster and mojito) and surprise you with new concoctions and party invitations. Come fall (the chocolatier’s high season), they’ll also be taking orders online. 

But the wonderful thing about Tiggrio is that they’ll bring delectable events right to your home. So you can host your own chocolate-and-wine pairings, truffle-making sessions, and themed parties without lifting a finger.

Leaving you free to bounce and flounce to your heart’s content.

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