The Quest of the Polished Nail

It was a typically busy day for Nancy Drew. After aiding injured children all morning, she had to meet Ned for lunch. And she still hadn’t figured out the secret of the old clock.

But suddenly Nancy glanced at her nails. Egads! They were a mess — and simply wouldn’t do for the fraternity ball tonight.

Nancy thought quickly. She’d never get into a decent spa on short notice. Clearly, she had to go to Butter London.

Curls flying as she raced to Westlake Center, Nancy ducked into her new favorite spot. No one scolded her for not having an appointment, and she adored the pretty, formaldehyde-free colors (all custom-made for the shop).

The teen sleuth was so happy, she didn’t even try to solve its mystery. (How could it be so perfect without a time-consuming soak?) Just twenty minutes later, she was flashing apple-red nails to match her taffeta gown.

And feeling quite pleased with herself for looking so heroine chic.

Butter London, Westlake Center, 400 Pine Street, third floor (206-525-0847 or butterlondon.com).

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400 Pine St
@ Westlake Center
Seattle, WA 98101