Get Out

Sample sales? Here’s hoping. Public transportation? Not so much. But if there’s one thing Seattle has coming out it’s ears, it’s nature. Lots and lots of nature.

So in honor of the picturesque Emerald City, we’d like to introduce DailyCandy Seattle’s first lexicon — a playful list of words inspired by the great outdoors.

beardy cat

n. Someone who is terrified of bears.

adj. The feeling of grumpiness brought on by hours spent on a rock-hard bike seat.

ditch a tent
v. The act of bailing from a campground in the middle of the night and checking into the nearest motel. (Suzy’s such a beardy cat: One fake growl from Mike and she ditched a tent.)

holy crap
n. The first visit to indoor plumbing after a weekend in the woods.

n. The lie that bikers tell themselves in order to wear spandex. (She pretended her thighs didn’t look like sausages, but she knew it was a liecra.)

adj. Being patient enough to roast a marshmallow slowly and evenly, rather than sticking it directly into the flames.

mile highgraine
n. The splitting headache caused by a combination of altitude, a cheap air mattress, and heavy drinking around the campfire.

adj. The attitude of smug superiority displayed by employees at outdoors stores.

trail mixer
n. The Chatty Cathy who insists on talking to everyone on the hiking trail.

n. A person who attempts to complete a triathlon without training (and nearly drowns in the swimming portion).

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