In the Name of the Father

Sophie’s cursed out the soccer coach. Maya’s wore tighty whities. And Nora’s smoked strange-smelling, hand-rolled cigarettes.

If there’s one thing you learned early, it’s that no two dads are alike. But no matter which weirdo habit defined your paterfamilias, he’s earned a decent Father’s Day gift.

The Wardrobe-Challenged
He won’t allow you (or Mom) near his closet. Let personal style consultant Darcey Howard do the dirty work, or slip him Tim Gunn-worthy shirts from Ted Baker or Castle Starr (The Finerie, 1215 First Avenue; 206-652-4664).

The Softie
He’ll love picture-perfect cuff links, but what he really wants is time with you. Treat him to a round of virtual golf or be his date to the symphony (aw).

rock on, dad!The Ex-Rocker
He calls your sweetie “The Suit” and jams weekly with his buddies. Indulge his antiestablishment side with guitar lessons, a funky Steel Toe Studios belt, or the Beat Bible (Seattle Art Museum Shop, 1300 First Avenue; 206-654-3120).

The Overgrown Kid
Nostalgic PF Flyers (The Sneakery, 612 Northwest 65th Street; 206-297-1786) will keep the wind in his sails. As will a remote-controlled whoopie cushion (Market Magic & Novelty Shop, 1501 Pike Place, suite 427; 206-624-4271).

to dad! cheers!The Connoisseur
He likes it rare (not medium); stirred (not shaken). Satisfy his epicurean tastes with NW-made Aviation Gin (Queen Anne Liquor & Wine, 515 First Avenue North; 206-298-4616), farm-fresh produce from Pioneer Organics, or truffles (in flavors like jasmine tea or pb&j) from Fremont’s Theo Chocolate.

That’ll leaving him feeling like the man.

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