No Zit, Sherlock

You once believed love would mean never having to say you’re sorry.

And you also thought adulthood would mean never having to deal with pimples again.

Someone was tragically misinformed. You’ve since learned that some things (drunken fight-picking, anniversary blanking) require apologies. And that two of the ugliest words in the English language are “adult acne.”

Next time a junior high-worthy whopper rears its ugly head, here’s a quick fix. Step. away. from the mirror. And slip into cozy, recently renovated Spa Scotta for a targeted microtreatment.

An aesthetician will cleanse, steam, extract, and calm your molehill before it turns into a mountain. They’ll zap the spot with a high frequency current (not nearly as scary as it sounds) to kill bacteria and prevent further breakouts.

At only $25 an, er, pop, it’s even reasonable. It takes just twenty minutes, so you can, er, squeeze it in before a big date or event.

And not ruin any more great expectations.

Spa Scotta, 2684 Northeast 49th Street, University Village (206-522-5800 or spascotta.com)

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