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The Sipping Point

You’d love to have a place where everybody knows your name.

You’d just like said bodies to be people other than the barista, lonely latte guy, and laptop mafia (freelancers/consultants/
trust fundies) at your coffee shop.

You need a new crowd — and maybe a new drink. You’ll find both at The Local Vine, Belltown’s newest wine bar.

Another wine bar? We know, but this one stopped us midyawn. The curved-ceilinged spot has a flickering fireplace, free Wi-Fi, and extended hours (1 p.m.-2 a.m.) — all meant to desnobbify wine’s rep and encourage hanging out.

LV has the city’s largest selection of wines by the glass (emphasizing cult wines, women-owned wineries, and Northwest faves) and excellent small plates by chef Jason Wilson (Crush).

So sidle in and stay awhile. You’ll be charming the hostess and chatting up the bartenders in no time.

See? All you needed was a change of grounds.

The Local Vine, 2520 Second Avenue, at Vine Street (206-441-4460 or thelocalvine.com).

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1410 12th Ave
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