Clutch and Go

Lipgloss: Guys, enough’s enough. Bouncing around this black hole is the pits.

Keys: Tell us about it. We jingle-jangle all day because princess still won’t ditch the humongous hobo.

Cell phone: Seriously. I beep, I scream, I shout. And she claims I’m unreachable.

Lipgloss: But how do we give her the hint? It’s a sticky situation.

Credit card: Send her to Clutch, downtown’s darling new handbag boutique. They’ve got more than fifteen designers and a $200-$800 price range that I actually approve of.

Cell phone: Word. I’ve heard that the owners are mildly obsessed with clutches and carry lots of scaled-back, tailored styles from labels like Luba J, Anna Corinna, and Botkier.

Lipgloss: No more hide and seek or crumbs in my pot? Don’t tease me, boys.

Credit card: No joke. Clearly, it’s time for us to take charge.

Cell phone: Yeah. At least somebody’s dialed in.

Clutch, 1212 Fourth Avenue, between University and Seneca Streets (206-624-2362).