The Sound of Silence

You’re as trendy a gourmand as the next would-be food blogger, but overpriced, overhyped restaurants don’t sit well with you.

Judging from the constant rumble in your jungle, neither do their offerings.

Could be time to sacrifice prosecco, foie gras, and pork belly to your greater good. Find out by scheduling an appointment with Sharon Gray, nutrition therapist, acupuncturist, masseuse, and gastrointestinal fairy godmother.

Working from a quiet garden studio in Shoreline, Gray blends whole foods nutrition and Chinese dietary therapy. Whether your issues involve, er, hanging loose or, um, sitting tight (or both), she’ll bring your corporeal temple into balance.

Gray will assess your needs, perform a mix of acupuncture and Swedish massage, and send you home with recipes and a nutrition plan. If plumbing isn’t your problem, she also treats chronic fatigue syndrome, anxiety, and a smattering of women’s health concerns.

So no matter what, everything will come out okay.

Sharon Gray (206-234-2603 or theartofnourishment.com).