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Flyte Club

It’s your birthday and you’ll cry if you want to. Especially if, like last year, you wait ages to get into Le Noisy; the waiter spills béarnaise on your lap; and everyone underpays, sticking you with the tip.

This year, take matters into your own hands by having a Flyte dinner with traveling chef Brian McCracken.

McCracken studied classical French cooking and sharpened his knives at Earth & Ocean (under Tilth’s Maria Hines). Now he caters private parties anywhere from homes to beaches to old barns.

Collaborate on a six- to nine-course tasting menu or leave it to him. You’ll be amazed at his ability to create exquisite food (duck with cinnamon truffle risotto, cauliflower goat cheese soup with Humboldt Fog grilled cheese) in your hobbit-size kitchen.

Prices hover around a hundy a head. Which isn’t much for a stress-free evening of haute cuisine in the comforts of home.

And one that, no matter how many candles you have, won’t blow.

Flyte (206-448-6369 or flyteseattle.com).