Pulp Fiction

Cruising Claire’s with your crew, slurping Orange Julius with your crush. A trip to the mall used to be pure bliss.

Nowadays? Nothing makes you sicker than the Sbarro.

So you’ll appreciate Pulp Lab, Seattle’s first permanent, pop-up retail store. Consider it the antithesis to big box shopping centers.

Resolutely eclectic and tantalizingly ephemeral, the new gallery-like space will host a revolving array of one-of-a-kind shopping events (a sample sale imported from NYC one month, a local jewelry line launch the next).

Owner and former L.A. gallerina Kate Pawlicki has many out-of-the-ordinary plans. See for yourself on Thursday: You’ll find Tulip merch, antique jewelry, photography, and Tarot card readings. Subscribe to the mailing list to find out what’s on deck.

It’s all quirky and kinda postmodern.

In other words, as contempo as things get.

Night Shopping Installation opening Thursday, 5-9 p.m., 1912 Northwest Dock Place, at Ballard Avenue Northwest (206-706-7857 or pulplab.com).

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5402 22nd Ave NW
@ Ballard Ave
Seattle, WA 98107