Ball Buster

Soft music in the background. Essential oils in the air. Ivan, your masseur, gently kneads your back. Your mind begins to drift. Hey, what’s with the butterfly fingers? Harder … harder … c’mon, girly man, harder.

When it comes to tension relief, you require a serious set of balls.

Or at least some Acuballs.

Developed by a Canadian chiropractor-cum-acupuncturist, the brilliant self-massaging spheres look simple, but their effect on sore bodies is sublime. (Just ask the fans attached to the tired muscles of NHL and NBA athletes and The National Ballet of Canada.)

Lie on or lean into a ball in order to apply acupressure. Your body weight controls intensity so you can’t help but hit exactly the right spot. Place one behind your back at work; heat another at home and go to town on your neck. And don’t be embarrassed if you start “mmming” and “aahing” out loud.

That’s what happens when you go balls-out.

Available online at acuball.com.