Hat’s All, Folks

The table was large, and nothing but hats was on it.

“How curious,” remarked Alice. “Where on earth did they come from?”

“Why, Brooklyn’s Victor Osborne, of course,” the Dormouse yawned, as he curled up in an exquisite porkpie.

“Your hair needs covering,” cried the March Hare.

“That’s not very nice,” Alice said, indignantly.

“They’re quite the sophisticated winter Wonderland accessory,” said the Mad Hatter, balancing a boucle cap and jaunty plaid number on his own top hat.

“Note the classic shapes and creative finishing,” drawled the Dormouse, who seemed to be talking in his sleep.

“They are rather beautiful,” Alice said, picking up a military wool topper. “Why, I think I’ll wear one to see the Queen.”

“Well, at least until it’s off with your head,” muttered the Hare.

Available at A Mano, 1115 First Avenue (206-292-1767 or shopamano.com). To see styles, go to victorosborne.com

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