Therein Lies the Rub

Start with 60 minutes of massage, subtract 30 minutes of sitting in the Mercer mess, factor in a twenty-minute grocery run, divide by the stress of arranging childcare, and what do you get?

A big zero. Unless you balance the equation with New Born You Massage.

Founded by a pair of local parents, the new company’s first stroke of genius was to dispatch licensed massage therapists directly to clients’ homes. Its second? Sending a babysitter for next to no additional charge.

Masseurs bring a table, music, and aromatherapy oils; college-age CPR-trained sitters arrive with toys and games in tow.

They’ll happily tailor the experience to fit your needs, whether your style is more Baby Einstein than Barney or more Swedish than shiatsu. Not that you’re a control freak.

But these things do add up.

New Born You Massage (206-661-4071 or newbornyoumassage.com).