For Those About to Rock

Reasons you’d never want to go through adolescence again: headgear, your bitch of a locker partner, Mrs. Foley’s condom demo.

Reason you wish you could: The Paul Green School of Rock Music.

The music school that inspired the Jack Black movie and a documentary just opened an outpost in Lake City and is accepting 8- to 18-year-olds for the first of its three-month sessions.

Directed by guitar/bass player Ben Barnett (who’s played with The Thermals, Ben Gibbard, and John Vanderslice), the school believes any kid can learn to rock. No experience is necessary, and each session focuses on one time-honored band, era, or genre (Frank Zappa, Black Sabbath, punk rock, classic metal), culminating in a legit show at a prominent local venue.

First up is Pink Floyd, which is bound to blow the minds of the Hannah Montana generation.

They’d better brace themselves.

The Paul Green School of Rock Music (206-417-7625 or schoolofrock.com).