Hoop Dreams

Sure, you’ve tried draping yourself around balls, doing it dog style, and dancing like a high-class hooker.

But so far, no exercise fad has struck your fancy.

Perhaps gyrating wildly will do the trick. Find out with hooping, a new and surprisingly difficult full-body workout that resurrects playground hula hoops.

Brought to Seattle by Magnolia Pilates instructor Susan Chace, the class builds strength and coordination by mixing hula hooping and dance.

No matter how much you used to rule at recess, pumping your hips like a pro and learning tricks like the slinky and the snake require practice. So sign up for progressive six-week sessions at Denali Fitness or Sonny Newman’s Dance Hall.

Perfectionists need not worry: Chace creates an upbeat, supportive atmosphere that’s really all about having a little fun.

No circle jerks allowed.

To find a class, go to hoopdelite.com.

Photo Credit: Slomophotos.com.