This Is Not a Love Song

Every now and then, Cupid hits the bull’s-eye. Case in point: Adorable local couple Fleet Foxes front man Robin Pecknold and Lambs Ear shopgirl Olivia Park-Sargent, who shared a playlist of songs that make them feel lovey. (Aw.)

I Love You,” by A Band of Bees
“Somehow manages to sound authentically ’60s.”

What’s Happening Brother,” by Marvin Gaye
“One of his best melodies with some of his best lyrics … from one of the top five unimpeachable records of all time.”

Psalm 42,” by The Trees Community
“Just replace ‘God’ with ‘sweetie pie’ and you’re good to go.”

Suzanne,” by Leonard Cohen
“Did you know that he is touring this year? Did you know that we will be there?”

The Last Time I Saw Richard,” by Joni Mitchell
“He said all romantics meet the same fate someday: cynical and drunk and boring someone in some dark cafe. Love hurtz.”

The Blacksmith,” by Steeleye Span
“The heroine eventually finds the titular Blacksmith to be a cheater. Again, love hurts.”

My Man on Love,” by Judee Sill
“Every one of her songs breaks our collective hiveheart.”

House of Cards” by Radiohead
“Everyone else seems to find [it] boring. Do not believe their lies.”

Superman Theme,” by John Williams
“After all these downer numbers you might need a pick-me-up.”

Ponytail,” by Panda Bear
“Sweet and mysterious and hopeful.”

Long Long Long,” by The Beatles
“Olivia just loves [it].”

Haven’t heard our fave local band yet? Catch Fleet Foxes on Friday, 7:30 p.m., at The Vera Project, Warren Avenue North and Republican Street (206-956-8372). Tickets online at ticketweb.com. And watch for their first EP from Sub Pop any day now.

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