The Stationery Agents

The first (and last) time you and your mom worked together, the results weren’t pretty. (You left your science fair project until the last minute, she brought the guilt trip, and the friggin’ volcano wouldn’t spew.)

Alicia Olsen and mom Kathy Perkins fared better. The fruit of their collective labor is Paper Delights — a mecca of stationery, gifts, and invitations opening in Wallingford today.

Olsen describes her job as a continuous Christmas morning. No wonder: Her pristine white shelves are stocked with cards from indie designers like Yellow Bird Press and DeLuce Design, Russell and Hazel desk accessories, Key lime lollipops, Dwell Baby bibs, Archipelago candles, and monogrammed stationery.

Consider ordering sweet custom-designed invites, place cards, and favors for your mum’s next b’day.

She may have made you crazy once, but that’s all water and baking soda under the papier-mâché.

Paper Delights, 2205 North 45th Street, suite b (206-817-4853).