Holy Moley

Your ideal vacation is a trip to Paris, where you hole up in a Montparnasse cafe, drink Pernod, and lament the shocking state of American letters.

In other words, what was good enough for Hemingway is good enough for you.

Which explains your obsession with Moleskine notebooks. And why you’ll go crazy for Portland artist Joe Mansfield’s custom-engraved versions.

While plagued with insomnia, Mansfield bought a laser engraver to occupy him during the wee hours of the night. With it, he now etches pretty much any medium (laptops, iPods, etc.) but it’s the moleskins that have really taken off.

Select from designs by an all-star roster of contemporary illustrators (Dan Funderburgh, Razauno, Hello Karpa) or be a true original and upload your own custom artwork. (Send anything that would work as a black and white Xerox).

Sure, some may say you’re trying too hard to fit the sensitive artist mold. But whatever.

There’s no shame in being earnest.

Available online at engraveyourbook.com.