Clothes to Nature

The hipster boys wear slimmer jeans. Belltown lads clingier shirts. And that dude in the Utilikilt had way shapelier calves.

Sometimes your femininity comes under assault unexpectedly.

Turn to designer Leanne McElroy of Elroy for stylish pieces in soy, bamboo, and organic cotton to make you feel like a natural woman.

A melancholy sweetness prevails through the fall collection: Canvas coats, skirts, and dresses exhibit defined waists, exaggerated lapels, even structured ruffles. But soft bamboo jersey draping (as in the Akebia dress) keeps things from getting overly severe.

McElroy plays up sexy backs and necklines with loose, comfortable silhouettes.

They’re sure to get a reaction.

Just look for the tilt in the kilt.

Available online at petaline.net.