Large and in Charge

You’re stuck at the airport. (On a train. In traffic.) You’re bored. (Hate the guy next to you. The movie overhead.) You need to talk to someone. (Play a game. E-mail your crush.)

Too bad you forgot to charge your phone. (iPod. Camera. Game Boy. BlackBerry.)

There may be no outlet in sight, but there’s no place under the sun where you can’t use the Solio solar-powered charger. We’ve fallen for this stylish little gadget before, but we just discovered a very holiday-appropriate way to spread the word: Solio for Soldiers. When you buy a charger for a soldier, eco company Current Energy will send one another soldier. (Iraq and Afghanistan make the airport look like a sunny beach.)

It’s available in white, silver, and black. It’s lightweight and good for the planet. It won’t do the dishes, but it’s compatible with so many devices (check the site for the list) that you no longer have to pack countless cords when you hit the road.

And hey. You just made a good soldier’s day.

Available online at currentenergy.com. For more information, go to solio.com.