Food & Drink

Swarm Regards

At a cocktail party, you tend to:

a) trail your date like a drone.
b) queenly commandeer attention.
c) busy yourself working the room.

If you chose bee (any of the above), we have the honey for you.

Second-generation beekeeper Paolo Pescia transfers his apiaries to pollinating fields throughout the Tuscan hillside (think free-range bee colonies) to produce incredible all-natural Italian honeys.

A little of his sulla- (a Tuscan wildflower) flavored sweetness makes your tea a treat. Or smother the rich chestnut variety over soft chevre. The delicate acacia tops off your breakfast toast or becomes decadent over ice cream.

Producing the perfect mellow buzz.

Available at The Shop Agora, 6417a Phinney Avenue North (206-782-5551 or theshopagora.com).