Give It a Whirl

Oh, you tease. Or will in a pair of these.

What you’ll need:
Paper and pen
Water glass
Buckram (8-by-8-inch piece)*
Fusible webbing (8-by-8-inch piece)**
Fabric of your choice (8-by-8-inch piece)
Iron and board
Hot glue gun
Extra-large-eye needle (or upholstery needle)
String sequins, roping, or lace for trim
2 tassels

1. Trace the glass’s mouth to create a pattern.

2. Draw a radius from the bottom to the center of the pattern.

3. Lightly trace the pattern on your buckram (the radius, too). Don’t cut the pattern out yet (you still need to add webbing and fabric) but trim buckram slightly so it’s a manageable size.

4. Cut pieces of the fusible webbing and fabric that are slightly larger than your buckram.

5. Be sure the shiny side of webbing is face down on the buckram and press the iron for ten seconds at a time (follow manufacturer’s instructions). The paper should peel off easily (leaving the buckram shiny). Save the paper.

6. Place the fabric between the gluey side of the buckram and the remaining paper. Press the iron for ten seconds. Remove paper.

7. Cut the pastie from your pattern lines, including the radius.

8. Make a tiny triangle of glue along one side of the radius and overlap the two edges to form a slight cone. Cut off any excess glue after pastie dries completely.

9. Repeat for second pastie using pattern (and make sure pasties look even).

10. Glue trim around circumference of pasties.

11. To attach a tassel, take the needle and pierce the tip of your cone from the inside. Thread your tassel string through the needle and pull your needle through the hole from the outside. Cut the loop, tie a knot, and dab with glue.

12. Apply pasties with liquid latex or eyelash glue.

Then take ’em out for a spin.

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*A stiff cloth available at any fabric store.
**Material that bonds fabric to backing, also available at any fabric store.