Budding Romance

Brock gazed lustily into Harlotta’s yard. It was so ripe for sowing: fertile, south facing, and untended. But he always wanted what he couldn’t have, what was forbidden.

Then Brock saw Harlotta’s patch listed on Urban Garden Share and realized this infatuation wasn’t like others. He eagerly offered his attentions through the simple online service — and was tilling Harlotta’s soil the next day. (His pulse quickened.)

Urban Garden Share pairs green thumbs with hot plots throughout Seattle. The site organizes listings by neighborhood (to minimize the carbon footprint) and garden size, and gardeners according to experience and location.

Landowners and growers decide what to plant and share the resulting bounty.

Brock couldn’t have been happier with the arrangement.

The feelings were mutual: Harlotta had never seen such a rake.

Available online at urbangardenshare.org.