Space Cadet

The clothes shrouding your elliptical and the cobwebs on your vinyl give you the heebie-jeebies. (You dirty, dirty hoarder.)

But there’s nothing scary about The Composed Domain, which can clear your space of what you bump into and what goes bump in the night.

A onetime architect with more than twenty years of professional experience, owner Rebecca Ross incorporates the practical with the mystical to groom a room. Ross organizes clutter and maneuvers your layout to create passages for foot traffic and, more importantly, good vibes.

She can perform spatial energy clearings (“acupuncture for environments”) by tuning conflicting frequencies. Her technique (involving a pendulum and maybe a smudge stick or salt) has helped corporate offices clear the air and individuals send the chi of owners past, former lovers, and even bad memories packing.

That ought to make your home feel supernatural.

The Composed Domain (206-546-8535 or composedomain.com).