We Are the Champions

First place in the category of all-round adorableness goes to? You. (Come here and let me rub against all that dreaminess.)

Oh, I’m shocked; really, I am. I did prepare a short speech, however. Ahem.

I’d like to thank you all for having such good taste. In particular, I couldn’t have done it without Ghost Academy’s Award Ribbons. Some may say that I bribed the judges with these sweet handmade paper, tissue, and cloth designs. To my detractors, all I have to say is look for yours soon.

Each celebrates important achievements by those who are crafty, cool for a dork, just plain foxy, accomplished in smartassery, and more. The ribbons even have a pin backing so they can be proudly displayed upon the chest for all to see.

A winning accessory, indeed.

Available at Queen Anne Mail & Dispatch, 2212 Queen Anne Avenue North (206-286-1024); Sip & Ship, 1752 Northwest Market Street (206-789-4488 or sipandship.com); online at ghostacademy.com.

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