Fences Make Good Neighbors

We couldn’t help but swoon over the thoughtful lyrics, tortured melodies, and bad-boy exterior of newcomer Chris Mansfield, a.k.a. Fences. This year the Seattleite makes his debut at Sasquatch Festival, so we asked him to give us a rundown of the songs he’s hoping to hear.

Fools,” by The Dodos
(“Finally, a song you can run with a pack of wild dogs to.”)

Blue Lead Fences,” by Loch Lomond
(“This band’s performance at Songs for Eating and Drinking is very special to me; I will never forget it.”)

Actor Out of Work,” by St. Vincent
(“I used to live in a creepy old house with this girl. I always heard wild sounds coming from her room. I think she is a genius.”)

Don’t Save Us from the Flames,” by M83
(“This band is beautiful, I can’t say enough about them. Sigh.”)

Blues from Down Here,” by TV on the Radio
(“I used to walk to work while listening to this song. I’d always daydream of not going to work and just sitting on a curb listening to it over and over. One day I did. I was fired.”)

Your Hand in Mine,” by Explosions in the Sky
(“In a certain respect, I think listening to this kind of stuff is good for you. Like classical music before a math test.”)

American Hearts,” by A.A. Bondy
(“This kind of song is the reason I play music.”)

Shift,” by Grizzly Bear
(“I saw them perform this in a bathtub.”)

Y Control,” by Yeah Yeah Yeahs
(“Melodically this song makes me feel like I’m falling. It is also the best video ever made.”)

En Fuego,” by Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band
(“A younger and better looking Mahavishnu Orchestra.”)

Turn up. And tune in.

Fences plays the Yeti Stage Sunday, 3:15-4 p.m. For more information, go to myspace.com/fencesvswolf.