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Take the Cake

the yellow leaf cupcake company!

Talking pastries with guys named Mike and Tony sounds like a conversation that could conclude with leaving the gun, taking the cannoli, and someone eating lead.

At The Yellow Leaf Cupcake Company, owners Mike Hein and Tony Portugal have a sweeter proposition for you. After leaving corporate jobs, the pair traveled America sampling cupcakes. And on this tasty trip, the two started talking shop.

The result opens today. Yellow Leaf’s homey interior invites you to sip tea from an extensive list that’s paired with a rotating menu of 30-plus cupcake flavors like green tea, Neapolitan, and root beer float, as well as seasonal options. The shop’s signature is a kitschy tomato soup cupcake served with cocoa Italian buttercream frosting — a recipe handed down from a family friend.

That’s an offer you can’t refuse.

The Yellow Leaf Cupcake Company, 2209 Fourth Avenue (206-441-4240 or theyellowleafcupcake.com).

Photo: Courtesy of The Yellow Leaf Cupcake Company