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Just Like a Circus

Ladies and gentlemen, what you are about to see will amaze you. It’s not the bearded lady (she discovered electrolysis). Or the elephant man (too big for his britches).

No, turn your eyes to a freakishly delightful morsel of a shop.

After stints in bakeries, farms, and candy stores, Trophy Cupcakes alum Maria Friedman opened Curio Confections, a quirky new (cupcake-free) bakery that melds novel American treats with international delicacies.

The quaint Victorian circusy spot (red and white decor, a tent-like ceiling) offers hearty goodies such as apple pies in a cheddar-flecked crust or potpies of savory buffalo, gravy, and ale. Flavorful French macaroons and confections like nougat, goat’s milk caramels, and homespun marshmallows make magical bites.

At night, beer and wine at cozy tables will cause lingering evenings of sampling and socializing.

Making it a pretty tough act to follow.

Curio Confections, 5509 University Way Northeast, suite c (206-420-8493 or curioconfections.com).

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Curio Confections Cafe & Bakery
5509 University Way NE
bt 55th & 56th Sts
Seattle, WA 98105