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Heaven Sent

Belinda Carlisle may have been wrong in her treatment of groupies. (Rumor is she made one young male “jiggle his johnson” for her manjoyment.)*

But there’s one thing she was right about: Heaven is a place on Earth. It’s in the form of a bakery nestled in the Catskills in Bovina, New York.

The angel at the helm of this operation is fashion model Taylor Foster-Allen. We were apprehensive, too, but a taste test proved she knows her stuff. (She did attend the Culinary Institute of America, after all.)

Bite into fudgey brownies, gooey pecan squares, and chocolate chip cookies, all homemade with local, organic ingredients when possible. Being the godsend that she is, Foster-Allen also has vegan and wheat-free options that are equally as sinful.

All are available to order on the new e-commerce section of the website.

Thank Heaven for that.

Available online at

*As reported by ugo.com.