Food & Drink

Our Kind of Crazy

To be declared certifiably insane, a subject must display the following characteristics.

An inability to distinguish fantasy from reality: as evidenced by the winged transformer hanging above Bedlam coffee shop’s kitchen, local street art wallpapering the room, and the mixing of homey secondhand furniture with bizarre artifacts.

Suspicious or paranoid behavior: The owners won’t reveal the source of their rich arabica blend. Have a cup with toast (from Borracchini’s Bakery) and your choice of spreads (marinara sauce, Nutella, chocolate, and the usual jellies and butters) or indulge in a slice of Kentucky bourbon cake.

Inability to appreciate surroundings: Located in the midst of SPD’s Belltown surveillance circuit, Bedlam will stay open 24 hours during weekends.

You can’t help but appreciate how they’re reclaiming the neighborhood.

By making this madhouse a home.

Bedlam, 2231 Second Avenue (206-910-2300 or bedlamite.com).