Get Your Goat

We’re here today to talk about a very important issue. It may be affecting your kids, neighbors, relatives, even yourself.


Don’t sheepishly follow the fate of others who have given in to the nuisance: Get some goats.

Rent-a-Ruminant will bring a herd to your abode or place of business to graze and reclaim land lost to blackberries, ivy, grasses, saplings, Scotch broom, holly, knotweed, horsetail, and nettle.

After initially staking out the property and determining the size of the job, owner Tammy Dunakin will show up with fifteen to 120 goats (many rescued from less than happy homes). A herd of 60 can eat a quarter acre of greenery in three to five days.

Easily fixing up your joint.

Rent-a-Ruminant (206-251-1051 or rentaruminant.com).