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We Must Increase Our Crust

The only thing you inherited from Mom’s mom was a flat-out deficit.

Luckily it came with the attitude that bigger isn’t always better.

So it is with cute-as-your-buttons Cutie Pies, little fruit-filled pastries made by hand and baked in muffin tins. As she does with all High 5 Pies, baker Dani Cone begins with her grandmother’s time-tested recipe to create the rich all-butter crust.

Choose from fillings like apple crumb and seasonal berry or modern combos like peach-blueberry-clove.

Turns out there is a perfect cup size after all.

Available at Fuel Coffee, 610 19th Avenue East (206-329-4700); 1705 North 45th Street (206-634-2700 or fuelcoffeeseattle.com). To order by the dozen or request a special flavor, e-mail dani@high5pie.com. For more information, go to high5pie.com.