Samma As It Never Was

samma necklace!

As we walk past the early 20th-century statues, pay attention to the juxtaposition of angular and soft shapes.

Now gather round, folks. Check out this bust.

It’s a Samma necklace, an example of early work by NY sculptor Hanna Sandin. Each piece from the debut collection expresses repetition of a simple theme (such as shapes).

Notice how the imperfectly formed hand-wrought rose gold, brass, or gunmetal triangle beads lay both in staggered clusters and alone on white or black ropes. The extraordinary everyday necklace will frieze gawkers in their tracks.

So, too, will the delicate woven brass tubes that resemble vintage links. Wear a single strand or one tied in sculpted loops and knots.

And these decorative designs won’t make you go baroque.

What a relief.

Available at Totokaelo, 913 Western Avenue (206-623-3582 or totokaelo.com).

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