Grey Sky Gardens

sacred spaces window box!

Little Edie: Mother, we really must do something about all this gray. It’s just not a good look for the day.

Big Edie: Don’t be silly. It’s Grey Gardens.

Little: Now, Mother, that’s not what I mean. I know you’re very particular. Maybe just a window box to add some complementary green during the winter?

Big: Are you going to do that? You’re not going to do that.

Little: No, Mother. We’ll call Sacred Spaces. Gardner Gretchen Champoux will design a charming window box for any space with low-maintenance silvery hellebore, leafy heuchera marmalade, wintergreen — maybe some bergenia, heather, or lavender. Perfect for Seattle’s dark months.

Big: But we’re in the Hamptons.

Little: Champoux comes to you in an old Ford pickup.

Big: Edie, is your head scarf too tight?

Little: We’d simply be crazy not to, Mother.

Sacred Spaces Design (206-375-4452 or sacredspacesdesign.com).